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Breeder of Adorable Baby Pygmy Goats

Snow Creek Farm’s Pygmy Goats

Baby Pygmy Goat Walk

Pygmy Goat Walk

Snow Creek Farms is a top breeder of Baby Pygmy Goats located in Amite, Louisiana. Our Pygmy goats come in various colors and are absolutely adorable. Snow Creek is owned by Russell & Jolene Roy. Louisiana native, Russell Roy, attended the University of Southwestern Louisiana earning a degree in Animal Science.  in 1964 Russell joined the American Bantam Association , going on to become one of the foremost authorities… his expertise extends to cattle breeding, swine genetics, and a wide array of poultry breeds.  He has bred animals of the highest quality genetically and in the epitome of health. From quality to health, Russell’s Pygmy Goats are some of the best available throughout the country.

Many of our Baby Pygmy Goats have been exposed to thousand of children through one of Russell & Jolene’s other projects. This project is known as the Red Barn Farm Tour in Louisiana. The Red Barn Farm Tour delivers a mobile farm, filled with different farm animals,  to schools so that all children have an opportunity to enjoy a hands-on experience with the animals. The project has been a huge success, and many of our Pygmy goats have become fully socialized and enjoy the company of people coming to pet and play with them. Take a minute to view some of our Red Barn Farm Tour and baby goat videos and just see the exposure these adorable animals are experiencing.

snow creek farms veterinary technician program

Veterinary Technician Lacey

Snow Creek Farms has also teamed up with two local Louisiana veterinary technician colleges, Delgado and North Shore Community Colleges, to help manage and care for all of the animals at our farm. This veterinary technician on-site internship program provides 40-50 hours of veterinary support each semester and has helped Snow Creek move their facility a step above the rest. All of our Farm animals, Pygmy goats included, receive the extra attention they need from trained specialists to help maintain a great living environment, excellent health, proper diet, required exercise, and much more. The veterinary technician has proven to be a wonderful addition for Snow Creek Farms.

If you’re considering a Baby Pygmy Goat for you or your family, rest assured that purchasing a goat from Snow Creek Farms will be a great choice. You will receive a Pygmy goat that has been well socialized and cared for by our talented veterinary staff.

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