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What Are Pygmy Goats?

Complete Details and Information on the Pygmy Goat Breed

Pygmy Goat Information

twin baby pygmy goats

Twin Baby Pygmy Goats

The Pygmy goat originally started out in Africa and was later imported to the US around 1951 or 1952. As its name indicates, it’s smaller sized compared to journal goats, however it creates a reputable quantity of milk for its weight as well as food intake. Many people in our location elevate them for show as well as fun as opposed to meat or milk. The pygmy goat is becoming more and more popular among families as your everyday household pet. These goats are adorable and love attention from members or your family, from young children up to the adults. When searching for Pet Pygmy goats for sale, these cuties can usually be found for a very reasonably price.

Some of the younger Pygmy kids elevate the Pygmy goat breed because they are easy to raise and also handle and also they are caring, adorable, lovable and also fun. A complete grown doe or whether ranges from 15-22″ at the withers and also they normally weigh anywhere between 35 to 65 lbs. The average lifespan of a Pygmy goats range between 8 to 19 years. Pygmy goats are year-round breeders so kids might be readily available at any moment of the year. A litter of baby Pygmy goats generally consists of 1-3 goats and the kids evaluate from 1.5 to 4 lbs.

Pet Pygmy Goats can Have a Variety of Color Patterns

Below are the 7 different Pet Pygmy Goat color registrations available with National Pygmy Goat Association (NPGA). The 7 available choices include grey agouti, brown agouti, black agouti, caramel with black markings, caramel with brown markings, solid black, and black.

Pygmy Caramel Color Patterns

baby pygmy goat walking

Baby Pygmy Goat

The caramel color scheme can differ from white to caramel colored hairs, come together with white in the top coat making the leading coat look a color of white/cream to tan. The undercoat has the exact same base shade (black or brown) as the dorsal stripe, socks, and face accents. Sugars are needed to have vertical stripes on center front of socks exact same color as physical body overcoat.

Caramel with Black Markings: The caramel pattern with face, sides and back of socks, dorsal stripe as well as martingale accented in black.

Caramel with Brown Markings: The sugar pattern with face, sides as well as rear of socks, dorsal red stripe as well as martingale emphasized in brown.

Pygmy Agouti Color Patterns

All agouties have strong stockings darker compared to the main body shade (black stockings on gray agouti, brown stockings on brown agouti). Muzzle, crown, eyes as well as ears clearly accentuated in white and may be intermingled with hairs in the exact same color as the physical body.

Grey Agouti: The grey agouti color scheme can vary FROM black and white hairs come together with somewhat more white hairs to offer a light gray color, making the overcoat to look silver/pewter in shade TO a darker gray look with less white hairs however still a salt and pepper look is quite distinct and noticeable.

Brown Agouti: The brownish agouti pattern could range FROM brown and white hairs intermingled with somewhat more white hairs to offer a lighter grizzled brownish color TO mainly brownish hairs with just periodic intermingled white hairs.

Black Agouti: Black primarily with only occasional intermingled white hairs.

Pygmy Black Color Patterns

All black Pygmy goats have solid black stockings.

Black: Strong black besides muzzle, crown, eyes and ears clearly emphasized in white. The tail may be accentuated in white.

Strong Black: All black without any lighter accented tones on the eyes, ears, mouth, crown, or tail.

The Pet Pygmy Goat continues to gain traction throughout the United States as more & more families are bringing these adorable animals home for pets. With their beautiful colors, playful personalities, and loving demeanor we’re sure that you and your family will be overjoyed when bringing home one of these Pygmy cuties. Snow Creek Farms, located in Amite Louisana, is one of the top Pygmy breeders nationwide. We have new Pygmies available often and our Pygmy pictures are updated frequently, so please be sure to visit our “Available Pygmy Goats” page and find a Pygmy that’s just right for you!

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